What does the shopping center cleaning service include?

SCS Group Integrated Services is a professional cleaning company that includes shopping center cleaning services. We offer a complete package of services to all those large commercial areas that require regular care and maintenance.

It is essential to maintain proper hygiene in your shopping center. It can be a great factor in achieving success. At SCS Group Integrated Services we are a shopping center cleaning company in Melbourne with extensive experience in the sector.

A shopping center is a place where thousands of people make their purchases daily. It is necessary to have an experienced company that can manage the great cleaning task.

Our shopping center cleaning staff has received technical and precise training. Allows them to carry out their tasks neatly and efficiently. In addition, we have highly effective specialized machinery against dirt and bacteria that is compatible with countless surfaces. Do you want to know exactly what it included in our shopping center cleaning services package? We tell you below!

1- Flexible hours adapted to the needs of your business

We adapt to you. You can tell us when you prefer the service (when the shopping center closes, shortly before it opens, in the middle of the day, or before and after an event…). Our job is to take care of the image of your business without our activity interfering with your customers’ visits.

2- Cleaning and disinfection of common areas 

We take care of the cleaning and disinfection of all the common areas of your shopping center. We clean the floors, traditional stairs, railings, elevators, walls, and various furniture (sofas and seats, children’s arcade machines) thoroughly. Use respectful materials with multiple surfaces. We apply an ozone disinfection system. Capable of killing multiple germs, bacteria, and viruses. Ideal for times of flu, cold, and Covid-19.

We also have other additional services that you can request separately as our package of shopping center cleaning services. Parking lot cleaning and exterior cleaning of the shopping center were complemented.

3- Washing, polishing and sealing of surfaces

We have the machinery, and products to make all your surfaces look like new. Such as carpeted floors or tiled floors, marble, and so forth As a shopping center cleaning company, we are trained to wax and shine any surface without damaging it.

4- Cleaning windows and windows

Within our package of shopping center cleaning services. We offer cleaning of all kinds of glass, both windows and shop windows and mirrors. Glass cleaning is very important and must be carried out carefully, as some products could damage its surface. At SCS Group Integrated Services we have special products and machinery for glass that will remove all traces of dirt without harming them in the slightest.

5- Cleaning and disinfection of escalators

One of the most important areas of any shopping center. Because of their structure and importance, we work on them apart from traditional stairs, since escalators require the use of different techniques and products than the rest of the common areas. At SCS Group Integrated Services we know how to work meticulously on cleaning escalators since proper cleaning and disinfection of their surface requires a good investment of time.

6- Cleaning and disinfection of bathrooms

A classic that could not be missing from the list. Hundreds and even thousands of people pass through a shopping center every day and this is one room that gives off the worst smell. Our mall cleaning team will work around your schedule and can clean the restroom more than once a day if you wish.

7- Emptying bins

Another important task. The bins in the shopping center usually end the day overflowing and it is not strange to see that there is so much garbage inside that it is scattered. At SCS Group Integrated Services we empty your bins and replace the bags as often as you show, as our main aim is to make your customers feel comfortable in your business.

Do you have a shopping center in Brisbane? If so, our service interests you

SCS Group Integrated Services is a professional cleaning company in Melbourne with over 15 years of experience. If you own a shopping center in the city of Brisbane and are looking for a shopping center cleaning company, contact us. We will offer you the cleanest service in town at the best price!

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