Trek to the Base Camp of Deo Tibba


The Indian Himalayas are home to the largest number of trekking areas. However, the Deo Tibba Trek is the most rewarding and economical route. This famous peak, at 6000 meters above sea level, is considered the alternative-loftiest in the Pir Panjal mountain chain. It offers a challenging and technical ascent to this unusual peak. The trip covers approximately 60km from launch to completion. It takes 14 days to complete the trail. The journey is difficult and not easy for beginners. The unique peak terrain makes it a favorite climb on many mountaineering courses with the ABVIMAS institute. Numerous rovers use the deo tibba to improve their skills.

Visti Leh Ladakh in a Group Tour, where you get a traveller and bunch or exciting people.

The trek

The trek takes five to six days. At 14,000 feet elevation, you’ll cover 75km in the entire trek. The best time to trek is from May to October.

Start the trek from Manali, and then drive to khanol. You will then get to chikka – seri – tainta – mini Chandra Tal chikka – khanol village.

The daytime temperature is between 15 and 20 degrees, while the nighttime temperature ranges from -2 to 5 degrees.

The trek to Deo Tibba is a test of your strength and abilities. It is also the spiritual center of Manali. Deo tibba will allow you to witness the approved assembly of the Hindu God. According to an old tradition, the peak of deo tibba is covered with snow which represents shiva. Deo Tibba is a celestial name that the mountain was given. It roughly translates to “Gods’Hill”. It’s easy to see why this magnificent peak has been given such an incredible status with its snow-limited ridges and clear sapphire lakes.

The city, perched on the banks of the Beas River is a popular tourist spot and boasts stunning views of the girding mountain ranges. Many lodestones can be found near Manali. They are similar to the Rohtang Pass which is between the Spiti and Ladakh valleys.

Things to Know

It can vary from one place to another and sometimes it can cause difficulties during the trek. If you have any health conditions, consult your doctor before you go on the trek.

Avoid alcohol, and don’t disturb the beauty of the area

It is a good idea to have snacks and energy bars along with the glucose bottle/water bottle. Be sure to only take the essentials.

They will guide on the trek, including information about map understanding, danger spots, tips, and safety precautions. You will need to pay attention to the directions that will guide you as you explore the area.

You can use your id card to verify you are in the guestroom

There are three ways to get there: by road, rail, or air. The nearest airport is located 50km away, while Manali’s train station is 200km away. You can also use any public transportation to get there.

The Deo Tibba Trek can be described as a moderately difficult journey. Although the journey isn’t necessarily difficult, some places can prove to be quite tricky. Can do this by starting to jog every day or cycling for a while.

Should take the stairs continuously, without stopping. This will keep you fit and healthy. Start your day with a 10-minute walk. You can also do some stretching. To regulate your breathing properly, you can do yoga every day.

Deo Tibba travels under the supervision of an educated companion. To allow everyone to adjust, the diary is well-spread. To help with mountain sickness, you can keep a first aid kit with you.


The beauty of the entire region is evident from the 6,000-foot passage to the famous high altitude, emerald lakes-mini Chandra Tal.

This 6-day camp takes you through meadows and alpine timbers to see the glaciers at Mt.Deo Tibba & Jagatsukh in Manali.

Deo tibba trek is one of the most rock trek of India, you are able to see snow fall, if you visit the trek in the right season. This trek could be the best trek you’ll do, as this is a modrate trek, with low difficulty, you can enjoy this trek with friends and family. You start the trek in morning, where you can take small bagpack.

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