Top 7 Websites to Learn Python Programming for Free

Python has inspired a lot of individuals to study programming and continues to inspire them to continue learning. I’m aware of a few individuals who are learning Python for various reasons including developing websites to learning machines.

I’ve observed learners learning Python to write web applications with Django and Flask to develop the Machine learning Model using Python and then write useful scripts to automate tedious tasks.

Python is the most popular programming language in the world with a huge following increasing every day, due to Data Science as well as Machine learning as well as amazing Python libraries such as Pandas, NumPy, and TensorFlow.

So, if you’re contemplating learning Python in 2022, or have begun coding with Python but you are looking for free resources, then you’ve come to the right location.

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Top Websites to Learn Python Programming for Beginners

Here you can find the top sites to master Python at no cost. I’ve selected these sites along with a few Python experts.


If you’re not aware, Google also has an outstanding collection of Python tutorials for beginners called the Google’s Python class. This is a class that is free for those with a knowledge of programming and who wish to learn Python. The course offers written tutorials, lectures as well as a lot of code exercises for practicing Python programming.

The first exercise focuses on the fundamental Python concepts such as lists and strings. And then build towards the next exercise which are full-blown programs that deal with text files, processes along with http connectivity.


Udemy is among the most popular online courses platforms. That is probably the largest selection of online courses for free in the world. I love Udemy because it allows you to get a course in everything you’d like to know and all for no cost.

As opposed to CodeCademy you don’t require a subscription. You simply need to register your own free account then you’re able to enroll in no-cost Python courses. A majority of instructors make their courses free when they begin their courses. So that they get momentum through reviews, social, and evidence.


If you are a fan of interactive learning then there’s no better option than CodeCademy. They begin by teaching you the basics in as little as feasible. And then require students to write online code by using the same concept. The great thing about this is that there is no need for any set-up, such as setting up Python on your system.

It is possible to run Python code in your web browser. Another advantage is you do not have to write a full program until you’re preparing. It is necessary to make small adjustments and then run the program. This is a fantastic and enjoyable way to get begin with Python programming.


Another website that lets you learn Python programming at no cost in 2022. If you’re unfamiliar, Educative is an interactive, text-based platform that lets you learn and write code right from your web browser.

It is possible to grasp the concept and then code on the next line, without having to worry about downloading the required software or creating an environment for development. This is the most important benefit for any beginner who wants to learn any programming language. Since the majority of them get stuck in the setup process.


If you’re looking to study at the top universities in the world without spending a dime. And you want to learn from the top universities in the world, then Coursera is the right website for you. It provides online courses that are taught at well-known universities such as Stanford, INSEAD, NUS (National University of Singapore) and many others.

Microsoft [edX]

If Google offers a Python course, what is the reason why Microsoft cannot be left behind? It also offers an unpaid Python course available on Edx which is another well-known online platform for education that is free.

This course is titled Introduction to Python: Absolute Beginner. It is an absolutely free course to learn Python led by Eric Camplin, Senior Content Developer.

Python for Data Science and AI [Coursera]

This course is concentrates upon Data Science and Artificial Intelligence employing Python. It’s an introduction to Python course that will help you learn Python for data science and programming all over the world.

This basic Python course will guide you from a blank slate to programming Python within a couple of hours. It’s run in partnership with IBM Developer, one of the longest-running and well-known software companies in the World.

Final Words

Python is highly sought-after nowadays. It’s likely to stay this way in the near future because it is a great tool in the field of emerging technologies. However, if you’re planning to master Python first, you must set a goal first.

No matter if you’re a total beginner or have some experience in programming languages, pick a good Python source. It could be in the form of video as well as text-based learning,odcasts, bobooks,r even blogs. It is also possible to take an approach that is mixed  such as switching between taking an online course and listening to your prefers Python podcast.

Select the Python tutorial that is based on your goals, your skill level, whether you’d like an exam, and finally the budget. Once the completion of your Python course, continue to apply your abilities in real-world tasks. To meet your goals as well as continue to learn and experiment.

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