Top 10 Healthy Dishes You Must Try With IRCTC e-Catering

When eating pantry items on a train. You are not the only one who finds them unpleasant to the eye and palate. Regarding the quality of the food served by pantry carriages, Indian Railways frequently hears complaints. This is the ideal moment to pick e-catering if you want to eat healthy cuisine while traveling.

E-catering is always preferable to in-car meals from the cupboard. We have a thorough explanation of how e-catering enables you to have wholesome meals in transit here.

Why Is IRCTC e-Catering Your Best Bet for Train Food?

The ability to eat great cuisine in transit is no longer a pipe dream. With the aid of e-catering on trains, you can enjoy your favorite meals even while traveling. Simply download the ZoopIndia app to place food orders while traveling.

10 wholesome and delectable meals you can always rely on while riding trains:

1. Poha : In India, beaten rice, known as poha.  Prepare in a variety of ways while being cooke with various ingredients.

It is a completely vegetarian dish that is typically for breakfast or a late-night snack.

2. Sabudana Khichdi : India’s vegan dish sabudana khichdi create using sago (commonly known as sabudana). Although, it can be ideally consume on the fasting day. It can also be enjoy on other days and serve as a meal for other occasions. Such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Sabudana is a versatile ingredient that you can see in cuisines like khichdi, chutney, kheer, tikka, etc. These days, you may have this wholesome, filling dish even while riding a train.

Sabudana khichdi may be ordere through online food order in train from ZoopIndia for a reasonable price.

3. Masala Dosa:  The majority of individuals who have ever tried masala dosa, a south Indian morning meal, have liked it. A variety of masalas, such as paneer masala, green pea masala,or aloo masala.  Put into this dish, made with dosa batter and  crispy, crunchy, and spicy.

While it is also common everywhere in the country and abroad. It is a tasty and healthful meal or brunch. Since it perfectly combines crispy dosa and spicy potatoes. However, IRCTC e-Catering with ZoopIndia makes it simple to order hot and delectable masala dosa in trains.

4. Paneer Biryani: Using fragrant basmati rice, cubes of paneer (Indian cottage cheese), certain vegetables, and spices. Paneer biryani is a delicious and flavorful rice dish from India. This biryani is exceptional, flavorful, and utterly delectable.

Although paneer, or Indian cottage cheese, is utilize in the preparation of this meal. Paneer biryani is a must-try if you enjoy real biryani and are a vegetarian. For those who enjoy vegetarian biryani, it is the ideal option.

5. Tandoori Chicken : Foods prepared in a tandoor have a unique flavor all their own. One of the most popular dishes in every restaurant is tandoori chicken.

A true tandoori chicken, marinate with yogurt, lemon juice, and lots of spices. For at least 8 hours or overnight before grilled in a tandoor or oven.

It becomes even more wonderful. When chaat masala powder, cucumber slices, onion rings, and lemon wedges are add to this. Hence it is one of the recipes with the highest protein content and the most nutrients that you can order online in train while traveling.

6. Fish Curry : A typical dish from Bengal and Orissa is fish curry. Curry is the finest way to prepare fish because it is so popular in these states. Fish filets, butter, turmeric powder, tomatoes, onions, yogurt, and a blend of spices are the main ingredients. In fish curry prepare in the Bengali style.

A traditionally fish fry with mustard oil and garnish with coriander leaves. This dish, a fantastic source of vitamin C, often made using rohu fish.

7. Dum Aloo : One of the customary Indian foods offered at weddings, festivals, or other festive occasions is dum aloo. Defined as steam-cooked potatoes, dum aloo.

Usually, smaller potatoes that are first deep-fry and then cook in sauce. With spices over a low flame are use in this meal. In most cases, offere as a side dish with rice, naans, or parathas.

8. Stuffed Naan :You don’t really need a side dish to go with stuffed naan because it is a meal unto itself. You can have it with some butter and simple yogurt or some Indian pickles.

There are various kinds of packed naan, including gobi, potato, paneer, dal, etc. This can best be order from IRCTC e-Catering service especially while traveling.

9. Mushroom Masala : Mushroom Masala is a unique curry, with mushrooms and a small amount of flavorful tomato sauce. Chapatis and even steaming rice go well with mushroom masala.

Button mushrooms that have been shallow-fried are slowly simmered in a buttery, ghee-based sauce with shahi garam spice. Some of the ingredients in mushroom masala, including cashew nuts, javitri, shahi jeera, cloves, and cardamom, are nutrient-rich.

10. Baingan Masala : A North Indian dish called “Baingan Masala”  with tiny eggplants pack with masala (bennigans). Enjoy its wonderful flavor when combined with warm parathas!

Before cooking in a spicy stew made with tamarind, the tiny eggplants first fry in mustard oil. The recipe has a very rustic flavor because of the dry ginger and fennel seed combo.

Choose baingan masala with online food order service. if you’re on a train and hankering for something spicy and mouthwatering. With zoop you can enjoy all these dishes on the train.

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