The Cleaning Lady Starring Elodie Yung

The Cleaning Lady is an upcoming American crime drama television series. It is created by Miranda Kwok and is based on the 2017 Argentine television series La chica que limpia. It premiered on Fox on January 3, 2022, and has since been renewed for a second season in April 2022. The second season is set to premiere on September 19, 2022. The series is a compelling look at a crime-fighting entrepreneur who has a hidden identity.

Cambodian-Born Doctor

Elodie Yung is a Cambodian-born doctor on the Fox drama “The Cleaning Lady,” which airs Monday nights at 9 p.m. The show follows a mother and son who move to Sin City to receive treatment for a son who suffers from a rare condition. The pair end up falling into a world of organized crime and violence, and Thony is forced to take a job as an employee of a local hotel cleaning crew in order to survive.

Yung auditioned for the role of a Cambodian doctor in “The Cleaning Lady” after meeting Miranda Kwok and Melissa Carter. The role is based on her life as a medical doctor in Cambodia, where her husband was born and raised. The pair travel to the United States to get medical treatment for their son, Luca. Yung shared a touching story about a doctor she met in Los Angeles, which led her to pursue a career in medicine.

Thony Morales

Thony Morales is a doctor who lives illegally in Las Vegas with his wife, Fiona (Martha Millan). While he’s a brilliant doctor back home, he’s forced to work as a cleaner to avoid deportation. The pilot episode of FOX’s new drama is intriguing, and we’re excited to see what’s next.

When Thony Morales is hired to clean up a murder, she finds that her services are in high demand. In fact, a mid-level crime boss takes a shine to Thony, and he learns that she can clean up blood splatter, stain-filled floors, and even stitch gunshot wounds.

Thony Morales is an immigrant from Cambodia. He is on a mission to enroll his son in a bone-marrow transplant, but he has no money and is forced to take a job as a cleaner to pay his bills. While working, he accidentally witnesses a murder. Thony decides to help the victim, but he doesn’t know how.

Friend of Arman’s

Thony is a friend of Arman’s. He hires Thony to clean up the apartment after a party and makes sure that she doesn’t speak to anyone. When Thony arrives at the apartment, she finds Nadia lying on the bed, flirting with him. She is shocked by his actions and begins to feel guilty. Arman then hands her a large envelope containing money and tells her to clean up the apartment and clean the house.

Thony was once a doctor in the Philippines, but she left the country for better medical care for her son. As an illegal immigrant in Las Vegas, she works as a mob cleaner to make connections. Arman Morales, played by Adan Canto, is a feared criminal who hires her as a cleaner so that she can protect Thony and her son.

Thony’s Double Life

In Thony’s Double Life, an immigrant doctor tries to make ends meet as an undocumented worker in the United States. Thony also has a sick son who needs a blood donor. However, her situation quickly changes when she meets an uninvited lieutenant of a crime syndicate. During the course of the book, Thony ends up doing everything from cleaning murder scenes to evading the law.

Thony De La Rosa is an undocumented immigrant from Cambodia who now lives in Las Vegas. He and his sister-in-law Fiona have a son, Lucas, and a dog named Bo. As Thony tries to survive and make ends meet, he falls in with a powerful crime syndicate lieutenant, Arman Morales.


Elodie Yung was born in Paris and raised in the Seine-Saint-Denis area of France. She attended the University of Paris where she earned a law degree. Initially, she planned to become a judge but decided to pursue a career in acting instead.

Elodie Yung is French, with French and Cambodian ancestry. She was trained in martial arts from a young age, and she earned a black belt in her late teens. Yung is a trained martial artist, having practiced karate for more than a decade. During the filming of the series, she visited her father’s native country of Thailand.

Final Words:

Elodie Yung is five feet seven inches tall, and weighs 57 kilograms. She has a slim figure and wears a 34A bra. Elodie Yung has a charity work in Cambodia. She helps educate destitute children.

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