Most Important Features of C Programming Language

Ah, the C Programming language! What else can you say about the past and its longevity? Not just that C is among the most ancient programming languages but it is also in the majority of lists of the most effective programming languages in 2021. And the majority likely to be on the list for 2022 and beyond .

C is often called”the mother language of programming. This is due to the fact that during its time of nearly five decades, it has had an impact on numerous programming languages. C++, Java, etc. are among the most popular programming languages that draw an inspiration (concepts designs, concepts as well as design patterns.) from C.

It is evident that a lot of these languages include in the top programming languages for learning charts. You can see that C is a very old programming language but continues to be popular.

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What is C Programming Language?

C is a statically typed programming language that is classify as the procedural programming paradigm. That means that everything in C is the result of a function or procedure. C programs are able to perform a major role that is their primary task and is responsible for initiating and ending the execution of C programs.

Created in the hands of Dennis Ritchie at Bell Labs and Bell Labs, C also provides support for lexical variable scope as well as recursion and structured programming. The idea behind the development of C was to solve the difficulties that face in B, BASIC, and BPCL programming languages. C gained immense popularity during the 1980s when it use to create microcomputers, mainframes, and minicomputers.

Why is C Programming Language So Popular?

There are many reasons for the popularity of programming languages. But, the reasons for this vary from one language to another.

C is popular due to a variety of reasons. For instance, it is an easy language, which follows an organized approach to programming i.e. It breaks down a problem into smaller problems and solves these.

Additionally, C came way before any of the popular programming languages that we use today. In addition they all contain concepts that are borrow directly from C programming language. Due to its programming capabilities at a low level it is perfect for the development of operating systems and compilers, too.

Features of C Programming Language:

  • Procedural Language
  • Fast and Efficient
  • Modularity
  • Statically Type
  • General-Purpose Language
  • An extensive set of built-in operators
  • Libraries that have rich functions
  • Middle-Level Language
  • Portability
  • Easy to Extend

Let’s take a look at the highlights one by one:

Procedural Language

Procedural Language In a procedural language, such as C step-by-step, specific instructions are followed. C programs can have multiple functions to accomplish a specific task. Beginners to programming might believe they are the sole method a specific programming language functions. There are many other paradigms for programming also in the programming world. The most commonly utilize model can be described as an object-oriented programming system.

Fast and Efficient

Modern languages such as python, java provide more capabilities than the C programming language, however because of additional processing capabilities of these languages, their speed decreases significantly. C programming language is intermediate language gives programmers direct interaction using the hardware of computers, however higher-level languages don’t allow this. This is among the reasons why C language regard as the first language to learn programming languages. It’s quick because statically-typed languages are quicker than dynamically typed ones.


The notion of the idea of storing C programming code as libraries to allow for future use is called modularity. This programming language can do only a little much of its capabilities are held through its libraries. C language comes with its own library for solving typical problems, like in this case, we can perform specific functions by using a header file that store inside its library.

Statically Type

The Statically Type C programming language one that is statically type. The type of variables is determine during the compilation phase however not at run time. This means that every time that a programmer writes an application they need to declare the type of variables they are using.

General-Purpose Language

General Use Language from the system programming to editing photo software C is a C programming language can employ in many applications. The most common applications that employ it include:

Operating systems: Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, OXS

Databases: PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL Server etc.

An extensive set of built-in operators

A rich set of built-in operators It is a diverse language with a large number of built-in operators that can utilize in the writing of complicated or simple C programs.

Libraries that have rich functions

Libraries that have rich functions robust libraries and functions that are available in C aid even the most novice coder write code quickly.

Middle-Level Language

Since it is a middle-level dialect, it is a combination of both the capabilities of assembly language and the features that are part of the higher-level languages.


C languages are extremely portable, since programs create in C language be run and compile on any computer system, with minor or no modifications.

Easy to Extend

Simple to Extend Programming written in C language can be extended. That that is, if a program has already written in the language, then additional capabilities and functions are added to it.

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