Kidney Treatment in India: Comprehensive Information

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The job of the kidney is to detoxify the body by removing bad elements from the body. Kidney infection is not detected immediately, because even after 60 percent of the disease, the kidney continues to work, but a stage comes when it can prove fatal. Kidney infection is often caused by urinary tract infection. If a person is having difficulty urinating, he may have kidney infection, but there is no need to panic, because it can also be treated in Ayurvedic medicine. If you want to keep your kidney healthy, then you should know what are the symptoms that indicate that your kidney is not working properly or what are the reasons behind it. By knowing these, you can solve the problem at the right time.

Symptoms of kidney failure
If your kidney is not functioning properly then your body starts giving you some signals, by identifying which you can understand the problem and get it treated in time. Here we are giving some common symptoms of kidney failure:

Water retention in the body, especially in the legs, ankles and feet, due to the kidney failing to excrete excess water

Respiratory distress

Fatigue and trouble sleeping

Persistent nausea

Persistent puffiness around the eyes

Feeling the need to urinate more often

Blood in urine

Body swelling

Weight gain

Increased blood pressure

Loss of appetite

Where to get the best kidney treatment
If you are suffering from the end stage of kidney disease, you have to choose either dialysis or kidney transplant. There are many types of dialysis and for more information, you need to consult your doctor for the best treatment.

This is a kind of treatment procedure. This process is also called “hemo”. In this process, a machine is used to clean the blood. This process is done at a dialysis center or even at your home.

Peritoneal Dialysis
Peritoneal dialysis is done when your kidneys are not working properly on their own. In this process, a cleaning fluid is passed through a pipe in your abdominal part. From there it filters out unwanted substances from your blood. After a certain time, the liquid containing unwanted waste products drains out of your abdomen and is disposed of.

Kidney Transplant
Kidney transplant means replacing your sick kidney with a healthy one. For this, a healthy kidney must be available from a living donor or a deceased donor. After replacing the damaged kidney with a healthy kidney, the new kidney starts functioning like your old healthy kidney.

Kidney Treatment Cost in India
The cost of kidney treatment in India depends on the type of kidney disease, the seriousness of the condition, and the kind of treatment you want. The approximate cost of kidney treatment in India ranges between USD 8583 – USD 9758.

There are many excellent options available for kidney treatment in India. The doctors and hospitals here offer world-class services and provide excellent treatment at affordable rates. It is very important to follow precautions and get timely treatment to prevent kidney disease.

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