How To Structure An Essay In 5 Simple Steps

Essay writing can have a lot of objectives and purposes. But the primary structure of an essay is the same. I have written the 5 simple steps on how you can structure an essay that makes your essay writing much easier. And that will help you in writing great papers.

Having the ability to write on any given topic like write my paper for me is a great skill that you can use your whole life. The capability to organize the ideas that you use in structuring and organizing an essay is the best practice to structure the essay. 

That practice will definitely help you in your business. Like cover letters, marketing objectives, and any organization.

In case you are writing a 700-word paper. Writing an essay can be a bit challenging for you. Even if you are the best writer, the writing process will not be easy. 

Here are the 5 simple steps to structure your essay:

Step 1: Pick a topic

The first step before writing an essay is to choose a topic on which you have to write an essay. Try to choose a broad term so you can easily discuss it with your audience. It is also important to pick a topic in which you have the most interest.

This is because if you write on your favorite topic you can easily discuss and have more to say. And you will be able to write better. And if you are finding it interesting to write on any topic. It is obvious your reader will also find it interesting.

Step 2: Brainstorming

Brainstorming is the best way to get all your thoughts written down before you actually start writing an essay. After having the topic on which you are going to write, the next step is to do brainstorming on that topic. 

Pick a pen and paper and start noting down every point that comes into your mind related to that topic.

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For example, now you have to write an essay. Just note all the words and points coming into your mind. Like examples, some key points, and illustrations. That is okay if these thoughts or points did not relate to your topic at the start.

Now once you have written down all the thoughts and all the points that came to your mind, now it’s time for the next step.

Step 3: Organising your brainstorming into different pieces

After brainstorming on the topic what you have to do is, try to write down a great thesis statement. Or write down some main points that you are trying to prove. That will be your first paragraph.

After that, you have to write a body paragraph. And for that, you have to identify the 3 points in your thesis. Those 3 points will be your body paragraph. Depends on the type of your essay that you are writing

Lastly, you have to write your conclusion you are going to write in summarized form. That will be your fifth paragraph.

Step 4: Write your essay
Now you have selected a topic, and brainstormed. and you have done organizing your thoughts as well. Now it’s the right time to write your essay.

1st Paragraph (Introduction)
State the thesis and let the reader know what your 3 supporting points will be. 3 or 4 sentences will be enough for the introduction. Then write an attractive outline from which the reader will going to have an idea of what your essay is about. 

2nd Paragraph (Main Point)
The second paragraph will be your strongest argument or the main point. Add some examples like add illustrations.

3rd Paragraph (Second Main Point)
The third paragraph will be your second main point or a second strong argument.
4th Paragraph (Weak point)
You will talk about the weak points in the 4th paragraph. You can include data to support the main topic of your paragraph.

5th Paragraph (Conclusion)
The final and last paragraph of your essay will be the conclusion. You can restate your thesis or summarise your points to make a strong statement that ties up your essay.

Step 5: Proofread your essay
At the end proofread your essay. So you could check your punctuation and spelling mistakes. You may have missed it while writing. Try to rewrite sentences that are not clear.

After that, you’ve made all of the revisions. Now you have proofread the essay. And make changes to it as required. Then you can tell your friend to read your essay and give you feedback. 

Sometimes it’s a bit hard to be objective about your own work.  So that will help to catch any issues you may have missed.

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