How to compose a letter of Recommendation

If a person is current or former student, co-worker an intern, employee or

mentor asks you to compose a recommendation letter, take the time to feel happy with your own. 

You’ve impressed them and they’ve trusted your character enough to request to

assist them in their progress in their professional life, whether educational or otherwise.

After giving yourself an ooh start working on creating the type letters of reference that

makes it stand out as the ideal candidate for the job they’re looking for. 

This is the most important aspect to write an effective letter of recommendation.

And it’s not enough just to state the fact that they’re a wonderful person.

You must show that they’d be a valuable advantage to the organization or institution or program they’re applying.

What is a recommendation letter?

A recommendation letter is a genuine testimonial of the person who recommended

to their candidature for a particular job such as a grant or acceptance to a particular program. 

The goal is to present the content in the best way possible.

And it is essential to make sure that the information is present in a professional manner.

Letters of recommendation

There are many diverse, but some common reasons one might seek an official letter of recommendation. 

The objective will be the same in each letters of recommendation:

showcase the applicant as a perfect fit for the job or program they’re looking for. 

The right subjects to include in your recommendation letter differs among the various kinds.

Letters of reference from academic institutions

If you are require to compose a letter of recommendation for the student you are recommending,

your letter should specifically discuss their academic accomplishment and the

quality that make them a good candidate for this program, grant or other opportunity that they are in search of. 

There are a variety of situations where students might request an official letter of recommendation.

Undergraduate college

A particular academic program in the college, just for example the honours program, or a certain major

  • Medical, graduate or law school
  • A scholarship or grant
  • An internship or a fellowship

If you can If you can, tailor your letter recommendation to the particular school or

a program for which the student want to be accept.

Letters of reference from professionals

Recommendations from professional letters are a quite common type of recommendation. 

A lot of candidates request their former mentors and employers to

aid them in their job hunts by providing them with recommendations for jobs.

This is the main distinction between an academic letters of recommendation and one of that is professional a professional recommendation:

In a letters of recommendation, emphasis should be primarily on the

performance of the candidate’s professional and ability to perform the position they’re seeking.

Home rental recommendations

A different type of letter of recommendation can be use to be use for rental home. 

Most landlords will ask prospective tenants to get references from

landlords who have previously referred them to their experiences with tenants. 

If you are require to draft this kind of recommendation letter take the landlord concern in mind.

You should write about the positive experiences you had that made you

feel that your experience with the tenant was a good one,

such as their prompt payment of rent or the attention that they paid to the property.

Recommendation letter format

Your recommendation letter shouldn’t exceed a page in length. It should be about the same length as your resume that is a couple of short target paragraph that

make your position without unnecessary jargon.

The tone of the letter of recommendation must be professional. 

It should be written in the same manner you would compose the

email for a business contact, or an official recommendation letter. 

The letter should not be written in the same formal tone you would use to write academic

writing however, it should not assume that you know the recipient or be read as an informal letter. 

A tone that is inappropriate for your recommendation letter could affect

the person you’re writing about, therefore, you must ensure that you are getting your tone right.


This section should be sure to clearly describe the qualities that make the

candidate the perfect choice for the position they’re pursuing. 

Based on the kind of recommendation you’re making it may include a mix of

personal characteristics and abilities or solely focused on the candidate’s abilities and achievements.

A personal anecdote

Discuss the characteristics you covered in your outline by sharing personal

stories that demonstrate the qualities and abilities of the candidate. 

Make sure to be as the precise as you can when you write this article.

For instance, if there was a specific project in which the candidate led the

project or you have stats you could share regarding their work, you can include these in your summary.

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