How To Choose Your Custom Scrubs With Logo

Choosing medical uniforms for your job can be tricky. You have to make sure that they fit you correctly. Along with that, you have to make sure that you follow the uniform policies of your workplace. If you order to get the fit absolutely correct, you have to choose them according to your body type.

This means that scrubs are not one size fits all. If you want your workwear to look flattering when you wear it, and no one raises a question about it. Then you must choose one that fits well. It won’t only help you to look presentable, but also provide you with comfort.

We have a detailed article, to help you to understand how to choose your custom scrubs with logo in the right way. We will tell you what to do and what not to do, depending on your body type. So, let’s get started!

V-Shape Body

Individuals with a v-shaped body, tend to have broad shoulders and a slim waist. These people have wider chests and smaller hips. Men and women with this body type can wear scrubs with a v-neck top. This will help you elongate your torso, which is flattering for your body shape.

Women can opt for mock wrap tops, empire waist tops, and solid tops. All of them will accentuate the body and fit well in your body shape. This is because both mock wrap and empire waist tops, fit well in the chest region and cinch around the waist. For bottoms, you can opt for straight-leg scrubs. If you want to change things a little, then flare and wide-leg pants will also look good.

Men with this body type will look the best in a polo shirt. However, that depends on whether this style is acceptable in the hospital you work at. If not, then you can opt for a layered top. You’ll feel comfortable because of this. On the other hand, for men who have this kind of body shape, their pant choices become limited. You can only opt for cargo pants on the ones with a drawstring.

Wedge or Inverted Triangle

If you have broad shoulders, a wide chest, and small hips, then you have an inverted triangle body shape. It is best for you to avoid wearing horizontal stripes or large prints. It will suit your body more if you go for plain solid color scrubs. Your body form will be more balanced as a result.

Furthermore, you should avoid scrubs with high necklines, as you do not have to enhance your shoulders. You should also avoid puffy sleeves or anything with frills. These types of clothes exaggerate the width.

Banana or Rectangle Body Shape

The body figure that is called a banana is famously known as a rectangle or a ruler shape. This is the most easily detected body type. In most cases, people who have this body type, have similarly wide arms, hips, and legs. These individuals will also have a small to the medium-sized waist.

If you have such a body shape, then it will be very easy for you to shop for medical uniforms. You just have to make sure to wear a combination of a top and bottom that will emphasize your waist. You can get a regular scrub top that is a little more fitted around the waist. Your body type has the advantage of being able to wear a more perfect-fit bottom. Which most other body types can’t.

Pear Shape

This is the most common body shape. This shape works well with a number of clothing styles. This is commonly known as the triangle figure. Make sure that you have a pear body shape. See if your hips are wider than your chest or not. If you do gain at the hips first and feel that it is bigger than the rest of your body. You should also check if you have a nicely defined waist.

If it is a yes to all these questions then, in fact, you do have a pear figure. This would mean that your waist is your best feature. When choosing scrubs for yourself, make sure to get fitted tops instead of pants. It will be better if you opt for a little loose, pants. In addition to that, make sure that you stay away from huge, billowy shirts. This will help you highlight your waist nicely.

Hourglass Body Shape

The last body type that many women have, is the hourglass figure. Many view this as the perfect body shape. This indicates that you have a well-balanced figure. With an equally wide chest and hips and a well-defined waist. Your shoulders are proportional to your body and not too wide. When choosing your scrubs make sure that you get them perfectly fitted and that it highlights your body. Try to not get too loose scrubs that look like you are a bunch of fabric. When it comes to pants, try to opt for ones that make your legs look longer. This will help you achieve a perfectly balanced figure.

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