How to choose the best vinyl for window decoration?

Frost Vinyl Window decoration vinyl is an excellent solution to quickly and efficiently personalize the glass and windows of commercial buildings, stores, and bay windows.

Whether for the purpose of increasing privacy, giving visibility to the brand, or for simple decoration, there are many solutions for internal and external applications. Window decals can transform a dull, lifeless space into whatever you – or your clients – need. Frost Vinyl

There is a wide range of icing wall stickers, offering incredible finishes, as well as options for digital printing.

These vinyl ranges offer different durability, from 3 to 15 years, and come with multiple adhesive options depending on the needs.

What should you consider when choosing a glazed decorative vinyl for windows?

wet application

dry application

The only recommended method for bubble-free technology vinyl is a dry application.

The dry application can be used with standard adhesive vinyl for small-medium graphics, where repositionability may be less important. As the vinyl is smaller, it is more manageable and therefore easier to position.

How do I choose the best application method for my vinyl?

Water-based adhesives are only compatible with dry applications, and solvent-based adhesives are suitable for wet and dry applications.

Tip: No matter what type of application you choose, you have to take special consideration the vinyl’s durability and adhesion technology. Both aspects influence the time the vinyl will last, there is durability from 3 to 15 years.

bubble-free technology

More and more installers are starting to use bubble-free technology, making glass easier to refit and bubble-free after application.

removable technology

To choose the best product it is also necessary to consider the removability of the vinyl.

There are several removable icing vinyl on the market. For example, ImagePerfect 5801R is an ideal 3-year shelf life for short-term applications that require easy removal.

ImagePerfect 5801R gives you the ability to cleanly and easily remove Frost Vinyl without leaving any adhesive residue, for up to two years from application.

What happens when you want to remove a long-playing vinyl?

The best solution is vinyl removers, these products make the job of removing long-lasting Privacy Frost Vinyl applied to glass easily and effectively.

Aesthetics and finishes

Labeling vinyl

Once you have established the technical characteristics of the product you need for your application, you can decide on the choice of finish.

It can be anything from a high-density finish to a glossy design. 

Printable icing vinyl

Printable frosting vinyl offers privacy and personality at the same time. They are vinyl that allows privacy, decoration, and/or communication. Depending on how translucent the Frost Vinyl is, its finish will be more or less thick.

Among the best options on the market, we find three ImagePerfect types of vinyl with bubble-free PerfectApply technology: IP 2515 Satin Crystal, IP 2536 Light Silver Frost, IP 2569 Satin Crystal HD, and its most recent release, IP 5801C Opal Frost. , with a contrasting blue backing that makes it easy to clean printed graphics.

Window decoration films are extremely popular for a large number of glass, office, and retail applications. With a variety of finishes, adhesive systems, and features available to choose from, they are the best solution for window decoration.

7 Useful Resources for Plotted Frosted Vinyl Film

Frosted vinyl is very versatile and has multiple functions and applications. Many times it depends on the creativity of implementation for its application in different spaces and knowing how the variables in different spaces: The office, a business, a building or consortium, even at home.

There are a variety of brands and types of vinyl.  We particularly work mainly with recognized brands such as Avery, LG, 3M, and Arlon that allow us to offer an affordable price with a very good quality product that even in unfavorable climatic situations lasts approximately five years Frost Vinyl.

Frosted vinyl 

Speaking a little about the great advantages of using frosted glass vinyl compared to frosting with a machine (the old-fashioned) is that it can be removed quite easily if necessary and the design can be modified without leaving any trace on it. glass, an issue that does not occur when using the system with a machine.

Well, without going any further, without further ado, let’s go directly to what concerns us, which is the functionality and versatility of applying frosted Frost Vinyl, or badly called frosted contact for glass.

1One of the main functionalities of frosted vinyl is to signal, especially on glass surfaces in order to correctly visualize a glass panel. 

Decorate an environment

too many times we want to decorate an environment in the office, for example, but discreetly give it “a touch” as one would say, at that moment we immediately think of frosted vinyl that will allow us to decorate with great versatility without making much noise in the environment. 

3Companies attach great importance to their Institutional Image and it is not for less, since their image is a true reflection of the product service they offer. For example in glazed places, such as front line companies, where it is discreetly and again intentionally applied in numerous places without being annoying. 

A resource perhaps not so widely used but that just gives me an additional level of warmth and I would even say three dimensions is the Frost Vinyl Overlay. 

Vinyl Overlay

5 How many times have we wanted to hide a space to give privacy but without losing light? Well, once again the plotted frosted film allows us this functionality that can be practical for example to cover a sector where there is the movement of money or a mess that you want to cover, etc.

6  When signaling with vinyl, an issue is one of safety, not a minor one, and not even to take it in a hurry since many times there are large glass surfaces that need visibility for a safety issue and have a frosted vinyl demarcation.


7 Lastly the most interesting and also complex functionality of frosted vinyl is that of printing frosted vinyl and then digitally cutting or die-cutting it into shapes vinyl printing.

Surely you can think of a million design possibilities and alternatives and we are always here to advise you and offer you our experience in the field of graphics.

Do not forget also that we have a group of designers who can help you with the design task and a team of facilities that allow the final result to be more than expected and thus provide a complete service. Ask for your budget to quote your frosted plotted vinyl project.

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