Events cleaning service: how should it be?

Concerts, football matches, congresses, fairs, and book signings… are just some of the most popular events today. Thousands of people attend these events and for many brands and companies. I-t is a great opportunity to publicize their products and services. That is why the organization of the event must be fully organized, and that includes an event cleaning service.

At SCS Group Integrated Services we have an excellent cleaning staff for events trained to carry out a correct cleaning and disinfection of the venue in question. However, how do you run a good event cleanup? We tell you:

1- Cleaning service for events: before the start

A picture is worth a thousand words, and that is why it is best to always start on the right foot. The venue in which the event in question is going to take place must be impeccable. If you do not want attendees to associate the image of our brand (and therefore those of our collaborators or participants) with laziness and carelessness. Since that would ruin the reputation of the event and of all those involved in it. A fact that would also result in economic losses.

For this reason, all cleaning services for events must always start their work before the start of the event. During preparing for the event itself, the venue gets very dirty. Since the organizers and participants move boxes, use tools, and set up stalls. They check the wiring, among other issues, and all that contributes to dirtying the place. Therefore, once everything is assembled and 100% finished. The event cleaning staff can start their work before the official opening, both indoors and outdoors.

2- Cleaning during the event

Every event cleaning company must provide a cleaning service that also takes place during the event itself. During this, it is very common for the facilities to get dirty (paper, food scraps, spilled drinks, containers, butts, fingerprints, plastic, etc.), not to mention the bathrooms on the premises. If the event is of long duration (many hours or even days) it is important that the organizers have a good cleaning service for events that is operational during the day so that, in this way, the experience of all attendees and participants is comfortable and hygienic.

3- Cleaning for events: after the event

Obviously, all cleaning protocols for events must culminate with the cleaning at the end of the event, which is when the venue is in its worst condition. At the end of the event, not only is the dirt and debris-generated by the attendees but also the dirt left by the organizers when dismantling their stands, stages, and other facilities. At the end of the event in question, the premises must be left completely unpolluted (since it is usual to rent specific venues for the celebration of these events that are not their own) so that debris-generated it looks perfect and not only for the next event that will take place But in the face of people interested in renting the premises for the celebration of their congress, fair or celebration, well, who would want to rent a venue that looks neglected? Nobody, absolutely nobody.

Do you need an event cleaning company? Count on SCS Group Integrated Services. 

At SCS Group Integrated Services we have over 15 Years of experience dedicated to professional cleaning. We have a competent cleaning staff for events trained to face any task thanks to our events cleaning products and our advanced machinery. 

  • Pre-event planning and cleaning. Depending on the volume of attendees, environment, and needs. SCS Group Integrated Services will offer the best solution to effectively and successfully develop any type of event. From a small private ceremony where detail prevails to a large public event where flexible structures with the capacity for maneuver and action are required.
  • Maintenance during the event. We have different shifts of cleaners equipped and ending at all times of its development, with response capacity to attend to and solve incidents that may occur in the course of it.
  • After the event. In the end, our event cleaning team will take care of leaving the spaces as if nothing had happened, leaving all areas and surfaces ready to use the next day.

We offer all event organizers or local tenants a cleaning service in parts. Said service includes the three points developed previously or only one of them (or two). To do this, contact us and request a personalized quote.

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