Error on Samsung Galaxy S9 “Failed to create a secure network.”

1: Verify that you’re using a computer, not a mobile device.

You might want to take it easy if this is the first time you’ve encountered a specific network issue and you’re reading this post to find a solution. Verify that the issue is not caused by something on the other end of the connection. There’s a chance that you can’t access the page you tried to visit because of technical issues.

If you can, check out some alternative sites on your mobile device. Alternatively, you may try accessing the website from a different device. Such as a PC or a friend’s smartphone.

2: Perform a factory data reset on the network

This is one of the trickier recommendations, but if the others have failed, you should try it. Restarting network settings is a tried-and-true method of fixing many problems.

While this isn’t as drastic as wiping your phone’s data, it will remove some presets and preferences. So it would help if you gave it some serious thought before proceeding. Data sync preferences, stored wireless networks, and associated Bluetooth devices are all gone. You might opt to factory reset the network while your phone keeps losing mobile network connection to stabilize your Internet connection and boost the speed of the network. The good news is that getting them back is not too difficult, so try that if you’re still experiencing problems.

As a first step, slide from the bottom of the home screen to see the “Apps” option. To access “General Management,” click the “Settings” button. Select “Reset,” followed by “Reset Network Settings,” from the menu that appears.

Just click the “Reset Settings” button. A security PIN that you previously established may now be required. Just type it in and go on to the next screen. Repeatedly tapping “Reset Settings” will cause a confirmation message to appear after completing the process. The “could not create a secure connection” error should now be gone.

3: Turn on the Emergency Mode Switch

Using your phone when many applications are blocked (safe mode) is a fantastic security feature. This is helpful since your issue may be related to anything you downloaded recently. If you don’t get the problem in Safe Mode, you can assume that the most recent download was the cause.

The Samsung S9 must be turned off before Safe Mode may be accessed. Turn it back on, but hold down the Power button until you see the Samsung logo. Then, it would help if you instantly held down your Volume Down button for the remainder of the start-up procedure. When you’ve completed these steps, your phone will enter Safe Mode.

That’s it; you’re now in the most secure mode. Check if the “could not establish a secure connection” message disappears after some web surfing. If it doesn’t work, it’s probable because an inactive app is to blame.

The next step is to begin removing the newly installed software. After removing each potential cause, verify that the issue is still present.

4: Delete All Content and Settings from Your Galaxy S9!

This is similar to the seventh solution, except it will affect your phone’s settings. Not just the applications. If the above solutions didn’t help, the issue might not be an application. But rather a fundamental part of the Android smartphone itself.

To access this feature, tap the Home button and then slide up to open the Apps drawer. To reset the settings, go to “General Administration.” Repeatedly selecting “Reset Settings” will prompt you to enter a PIN. After you’ve done so, click the “Reset Settings” button again.

5: A Complete Factory Reset

This is the most severe option we have, and it has been placed at the end of the list for that reason. After a factory reset, your phone will be restored to its original settings, just as it was when you first got it. There will be no way to retrieve any of your information. If you choose this choice, you should back up your data beforehand.

One viable method is to connect your phone to one computer and copy all the information there. If you don’t mind using an external storage device, a micro SD card with appropriate space can do the trick.

What follows is the first step. To begin, please power down your Samsung S9 device. Hold the Volume up & Bixby buttons simultaneously when the phone is turned off. Keep keeping them down and press and hold the power button at the same time.

You may let go of all three buttons as soon as you see the green Android logo. An options menu will become available after one minute. Select the Wipe Data and Factory Reset options from the menu that appears. To proceed, click “Yes – erase all user data” on the following page.

Your phone will prompt you to “Reboot system immediately” after completing the procedure. Do this, and then when the restart is complete. Check your phone for the “couldn’t establish a secure connection” problem to ensure it has been fixed.


Perhaps one of the suggestions above will work for you and permanently solve the issue. We appreciate you making it this far, and we trust that you’ve already fixed the dreaded “couldn’t create a secure connection” issue on your Samsung S9 by now.

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