Custom Pillow Boxes: Make Sure You Choose the Right Size

Custom Pillow Boxes are unique packaging option that can greatly improve the presentation of your product or gift inside the box. It’s especially useful if you want to make sure your product or gift looks as appealing and elegant as possible without wrapping it in any additional paper or material. 

However, there are quite a few different sizes and shapes of pillow boxes to choose from, and while them all fit standard-sized pillows, the quality of the packaging might vary depending on which one you choose. Make sure you know how to pick the right pillow box by reading this guide about pillow boxes and their sizes!

Ordering pillow boxes: what size you need

The size of your pillow box depends on the type of pillow you’ll be placing inside it. If you’re using a large pillow, then we recommend ordering a large pillow box and if you’re using something smaller like a small couch cushion, then order the Small Pillow Boxes. Pillow boxes with window are great for those wanting to pack their pillows in such a way that they can enjoy them through the window. We carry seven different sizes, each made to order so that you get exactly what you need.

The size of pillow boxes you should order is dependent on the weight of the product you plan to ship. Here are some guidelines for deciding what size pillow box to order. For example, if you plan to ship products that weigh up to 500 grams, then order a G-16 (30 x 20 x 16 cm) pillow box with window. For heavy products over 1000 grams and up to 3000 grams, order a T-5 (50 x 20 x 16 cm) pillow box with window. We will have guidelines for other sizes soon! 

Fabric printed pillow boxes

There are different types of pillow boxes including custom printed ones and windowed ones. Custom printed boxes are more expensive than windowed pillow boxes but both serve the same purpose for product packaging. 

If you’re going to be ordering more than ten pillow boxes, then it would be worth it to go with custom printed rather than windowed ones because of their durability factor. Both cardboard pillow boxes and the windowed variety have their benefits, and there’s no one better choice for everyone when it comes to the size for their item packaging needs. 

Printed pillow boxes with lids

Don’t let packaging get in the way of a great product! Custom pillow boxes offer higher-quality packaging that helps you distinguish your brand and provides more protection for your items. But what is the difference between custom cardboard pillow boxes and retail cardboard pillow boxes?  

Retail cardboard pillow boxes may not have as thick of card board and they don’t include a lidding to seal out dust or pets. If you’re looking for options other than these two types of pillows, shrink wrap is an alternative way to package bulky or fragile products. 

Miniature pillow boxes

Cardboard pillow boxes are often the default choice when buying a custom pillow box. They are usually the cheaper option for businesses looking to purchase in bulk, and their cardboard construction is sturdy enough to hold most items that are delivered. Still, there are a few things to keep in mind when deciding between using a cardboard box or one of our other options. 

First, when considering how large you want your pillow boxes to be, it’s important to measure the thickness of what you’ll be putting inside. A handmade pair of earrings might need something with a lot more space than say an apple or water bottle. 

Packaging the perfect gift with a personal touch

It can be hard to come up with a truly unique gift for those family members that seem to have everything. Well, think no more! Pillow boxes are the perfect way to turn any pillow in your house into an awesome gift for any special occasion. Simply wrap the present up with a ribbon and tape, then insert it inside of your custom pillow box. This way, not only is your gift special, but also memorable. 

Final Thoughts 

Cardboard pillow boxes are available in a variety of sizes and we recommend that you choose one that is proportional to the size of your product so that it does not seem lost in the box or too large for what it contains. Pillow boxes with windows are also available and allow you to see what is inside without having to open it up, making them great for gifts and small favors at parties. Be sure to measure your pillow before purchasing a box or customizing your order.

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