Bhandardara Mini Island Camping


Do you find the demanding schedule at work to be frustrating? Camping may be the best way to rejuvenate yourself if the answer is yes. Camping, put simply, is an outdoor activity that involves spending the night in a tent, typically in a mountainous or remote area. The benefits of camping are now more frequently enjoyed in isolated areas. Additionally, it makes people happy, which raises the appeal of remote locations and camping. It’s ideal to camp in Bhandardara. The village is more akin to a vacation resort. Located in India’s western ghats, it is close to Igatpuri. Therefore, be sure not to miss the opportunity to experience Bhandardara if you intend to go camping there.

Referring to Bhandardara Camping

One of the most popular adventure sports today is camping. Due to its lush surroundings and abundant wildlife, Bhandardara is very popular. Camping in it offers many sights to see, including a tranquil lake, hills, waterfalls, forts, dams, and valleys. These are excellent camping locations that offer a rejuvenating experience.

The campground will be in Bhandardara, a region of Maharashtra that is likely the darkest in the entire country. Bhandardara camping is one of its varieties because it offers numerous views of scenic beauty. You can see the darkest night sky there because there is very little light pollution there.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Bhandardara?

In Bhandardara, the best time to go camping really depends on the traveler. The area that experiences a significant increase in traveler foot traffic is Bhandardara. Many tourists are drawn to the area by the clear skies, brilliant sunshine shining on the trees, and the shadows cast by the canopies of soaring trees. Winter is the best time to visit Bhandardara if you want to enjoy the best camping. This time of year is when one can see nature at its most beautiful.

What Makes Bhandardara Camping Unique?

Near the Bhandardara, there are numerous recognisable and distinctive hotspots of excitement. Visitors can ascend while on their camping trip in Bhandardara to view the Ratangad and Harishchandragad posts. Alternatively, visitors can travel the trails that lead to the tops of Ajoba and Ghanchakkar. The highest point in Maharashtra is Mount Kalsubai, which rises 1646 meters. The starting point of this trek is Bari Town, which is located 12 km from Bhandardara. At the peak, there is a small sanctuary with views of the Sahyadris and Bhandardara. Sahyadri’s toughest trio-posts. On the western side of the dam, there is a very narrow Sandhan valley. One of the best camping areas in Bhandardara, Maharashtra, is there.

These are some of the additional attractions in Bhandardara that are ideal for visiting while outdoors.

  • Mount Kalsubai, Maharashtra’s most notable peak at 5,400 feet or 1,600 meters, is located in the place.
  • The Wilson Dam on the Pravara Stream, which was constructed in 1910, is another place to go on vacation. In the stormy season, Wilson Dam’s water level rises significantly.
  • Even though it might only be visible during the rainstorm between July and October, the Umbrella Falls also draw visitors.
  • The Randha waterfalls are located about 10 km from Shendi Town.
  • The Ratangad fortification is connected to both a road and a ship that crosses Lake Arthur, and it is located about 22 km from Shendi/Bhandardara. A short trek to Ratangad post, which is reached by crossing a small lake close to the town of Ratanwadi, is one of the many trekking and climbing routes available in the place. Boat rides are popular in Ratanwadi.
  • Konkankada, from where there are views of the fields, is on the Kalsubai side, at the farthest end of a 22 km roadway cutting across woods and indigenous towns. Another nearby mountain climbing location with historic sanctuaries on top is Harishchandragad.

Camping Site for Bhandardara

This village is perched on a hill in Maharashtra. It belongs to the Akole taluka. The actual location of this vacation resort is along Ahmednagar’s western coast. Akole is the town closest to this lovely area. Just 45 kilometers separate this village from Akole. Despite not being in a particularly remote area, this location has historically been better for these leisure activities. The region’s natural surroundings haven’t changed all that much up until this point.

Accessing Bhandardara

According to the transportation promotion from the major urban areas of Maharashtra, we are describing here the ways to get to the place. According to the following, those are

  • By Air: The closest airport is about 90 km away in Nasik.
  • By Train: Igatpuri, which is 45 kilometers from Bhandardara, is the closest railroad station.
  • By Road: Bhandardara is readily available on the roads throughout Maharashtra. This village is traversed by State Route 44.

In the midst of nature, at Bhandardara, you can have a revitalizing experience. It refreshes your spirit and calms your mind. Prepare yourself for a calming experience while away from home when you go camping in Bhandardara. As a result, when you visit Maharashtra in the future, be sure to experience some exotic camping outside of the city.

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