7 cleaning services that can do for your clinic or hospital

Hospitals cleaning is a fundamental action that, unlike what happens with other types of work environments. Must be carried out daily and repeatedly. The reason? Simple: poor hygiene in a health center can cost the lives of over one patient.

Every hospital, outpatient clinic, or clinic must-have cleaning services for hospitals. If the health center you manage needs to hire a new hospital cleaning company. You can count on us. At SCS Group Integrated Services we offer you a comprehensive cleaning service that covers the following aspects:

1- Thorough hospital cleaning and disinfection of operating rooms

One of the most critical areas that require the most cleaning and disinfection. A dirty operating room is an unhealthy environment that could end the life of over one patient, Which would be a scandal. In addition, would cause their dismissal and the temporary or total closure of the health center.

Operating rooms must always be thoroughly disinfected before and after a procedure. To ensure that no trace of pathogens, bacteria or contamination remains. This could endanger a patient’s life. To avoid this, you can count on SCS Group Integrated Services. We are experts in disinfection thanks to our ozone-cleaning services.

What is hospital cleaning and disinfection?

Let’s start by talking about the definition of cleanliness. Cleaning is basically to get rid of the dirt deposited on surfaces. This dirt can be inorganic or organic. When it is organic, such as microorganisms, bacteria, and pathogens, it is then that we talk about disinfection.

But what concerns us in this article is specific and vitally important disinfection: hospital disinfection.

In a health service such as hospitals or various clinics, germs, and bacteria tend to swarm freely more frequently than in other environments. For this , we must carry an adequate hospital cleaning and disinfection program out.

2- Sterilization of surgical material

Although the toilets themselves are usually in charge of this task, the truth is that SCS Group Integrated Services can take care of sterilizing all your material for you so that your staff does not waste time with this task and is all prepared to start handling the necessary instruments.

3- Thorough hospital cleaning and disinfection of rooms

Another of the critical points that must be watched the most . For obvious reasons, rooms must be cleaned often, as a dirty room with fungi or pathogens can seriously or even fatally harm or worsen the condition of an admitted patient. At SCS Group Integrated Services we have the most suitable hospital cleaning products for this task and we know how to leave rooms looking like gold.

4- Washing sheets

In those cases in which the sheets are washable (that is, those not stained with contagious blood from any disease), SCS Group Integrated Services has an industrial cleaning service that can be requested together with the hospital cleaning package.

5- Hospital cleaning and disinfection of bathrooms

The cleaning of hospital bathrooms, both the bathrooms in the rooms and the bathrooms available in the corridors for visitors or people who come for rapid tests, falls within our service package. Restrooms can be another dangerous hotspot for an infection that can quickly spread throughout the facility. However, at SCS Group Integrated Services we take the cleaning and disinfection of hospitals seriously, so we will put an end to it until your bathrooms are a safe place.

6- Cleaning and sterilization of laboratories and waste management

Analysis laboratories are another classic that hospital and clinic cleaning companies must deal with since in analysis laboratories highly contagious strains can be studied, for example, or samples taken from patients can be analyzed to offer them a diagnosis. Those who work there need to analyze the samples in totally sterile and contamination-free environments, especially to safeguard the health of the researchers but also to prevent external factors from harming the research.

7- Disinfection of common areas and kitchens

Corridors, stairs, elevators, cafeterias, kitchens, and offices, at SCS Group Integrated Services thoroughly clean hospitals. We take care that the entire health center is properly sanitized, and free of any type of dirt, contamination, and pathogens. Our main mission is to protect your patients and your medical staff.

We operate throughout Sydney 

SCS Group Integrated Services is a comprehensive cleaning services company with over 15 years of experience in the sector. We have multidisciplinary staff capable of facing any task. If your hospital, clinic, or health center is in the city of Sydney, ​​contact us. We will take care of the cleaning of your health center.

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