7 benefits of swimming to get you started today

If you know anyone who does exercise in the pools, you must have heard the benefits of swimming with Lifeguard course near me. Anyone who is a swimmer has this on the tip of their tongue. After all, sport brings benefits in the physical and also in the mental aspect. Because this is a sport suitable for practically all ages and that becomes more pleasurable with each training session!

But if you want to start a physical activity and you’re still having some doubts in your head. Like “oh, is swimming what I need?”, this text was made for you. Despite being numerous, we have separated seven benefits of swimming to show how much it only brings good things. For children and the elderly, and how much it needs to be known by more people. Come on!

1 – Swimming for babies

A lot of people have seen those videos of the first swimming lessons for babies . In which they put on a real show underwater. Just do a search on YouTube and you will find several amazing and cute images at the same time!

But all this natural gift of those who were born a few months ago has a reason. In the 9 months that babies are in the mother’s womb, they already know the liquid medium. So they can hold their breath and move!

But swimming with lifeguard course near me for children goes beyond a natural reaction of the little ones. According to articles published by experts, it guarantees a child’s brain, motor and even cognitive development.

In addition, it ensures better respiratory and muscular resistance of the child. Not to mention that it also helps the child to crawl and even sit more easily. But parents, get those bottles ready! Among the benefits of swimming is also increased appetite! To compensate, the child also sleeps better.

Oh, and let’s not forget: as parents are always participating during swimming with babies. The bond between them ends up getting stronger. Oh, and for that very reason, don’t forget: parents also have to go equipped with their own kit.

2 – Children’s swimming

Science has already proven: children’s swimming guarantees a more advanced development of the little ones. It’s as if the child is a few strokes ahead, spending less time on the stopwatch to achieve some achievements.

According to a study by the Griffith Educational Research Institute in Australia ,children under the age of 5. Who swim performed better on tests taken in school subjects such as math and writing. That is, their learning was greater.

The positive points of children’s swimming with lifeguard course near me don’t stop there. Thinking about the physical part, the modality manages. In a fun way , to make boys and girls get to know their own bodies more and thus, have improvements in their motor skills.

3 – Swimming helps you lose weight!

“Oh, does swimming make you lose weight ?” The purpose of the sport is not to lead to weight loss. But there is no denying it: one of the benefits of swimming is that it helps in weight loss . But for this to happen. It is necessary that the person follows a more regulated training and that requires more energy expenditure from the body.

Those strokes that you do well sporadically, on a weekend, may not make a difference on the scale. However, when you challenge your body through swimming with lifeguard course near me. This sport can be a great ally in weight control and weight loss on the scale, in a healthy way. You can’t nail it if swimming loses weight more than gym , for example: it all depends on energy expenditure.

Another important information: being in the water, this physical activity generates less impacts for the body. So, swimming lessons help those who are overweight or already live with joint problems. So, it’s been proven: swimming loses weight and defines yes!

4 – Swimming gives muscles

Swimming requires the movement and effort of several muscles. Let’s think about the most practiced style of swimming : the crawl, or the so-called freestyle. To be able to move in the water, the practitioner needs to displace both arms. In a way that they end up “pushing” the water. While kicking the legs and moving the face for breathing. Imagine the amount of muscles that don’t need to be activated during this swim!

Even those who are not professional athletes achieve better muscle development by taking swimming lessons , increasing their lean mass. This even helps to improve posture, gain more definition and avoid fatigue in everyday situations.

5 – Swimming can be done in several places

Many people may think that swimming with lifeguard course near me. Is a difficult sport to practice, after all, you need a proper pool. This is still true, but many cities offer public swimming pools or even free swimming lessons by the sports departments.

If you live in a building, swimming lessons can come to you. There are teachers who go to your address to apply workouts. That are possible to be performed in the dimensions of the pool that is available to you.

You can still join some neighbors, make a package and even get a discount.

6 – Swimming opens the way for other sports

Many swimmers start to enjoy the sport so much that they start to venture. Out and achieve good performance in new modalities and physical activities.

Some choose to run, as they have a breathing capacity that allows for “explosions” during the races. But triathlon , which joins cycling to these two sports, is a recurring choice. Usually, the swimming part is in the sea. Remembering that the opposite way happens a lot too. People who start in running or cycling and then fall into the water.

For those who live in cities where it is possible to train in open water. Triathlon is even easier to practice. In the coastal strip, swimming in the sea is very common.

7 – Swimming is good for the mind

Here’s one of the best benefits of swimming! Make friends, help with self-esteem, and even de-stress. A 2013 study by Speedo, a leading swimwear and swimwear brand. Found that 92% of people surveyed felt less stressed after pool training.

Biologically, it is possible to say that one of the benefits of swimming is to provide pleasure. It’s just that during practice, the athlete has an endorphin release, which is a hormone that causes happiness! Want something better?

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