5 SMS Marketing Statistics for 2023

Several significant SMS marketing statistics are examined in this article. Despite being an older technology, SMS is still useful and belongs in your marketing toolbox. You could probably touch your smartphone right now if you extended your arm. You can stay in touch with friends, family, and coworkers using mobile technology. Your game console, camera, and wallet are all replaced by it. Your vaccination passport will be kept in it as Australia leaves the pandemic.

You might even be clinically addicted to the technology because 1 in 10 millennials would rather give up a finger than live without their smartphone.

The widespread use of cell phone technology presents an incredible opportunity for your company and enables you to instantly connect with clients and potential clients.

1. Nine out of ten people read their texts.

(Referring to Mobile Monkey)

When comparing the open rates of text marketing and email, messaging easily prevails. You can almost guarantee that everyone you send an SMS to will open it. Only 20% of the people who receive your emails may read them.

Why is that?

Push notifications, which are the default setting, are used for mobile texting. Customers are therefore likely to open them almost immediately. Clients must log in to view their inboxes to read emails, which may only happen occasionally.

2. Nearly 50 million people have chosen to receive SMS messages from businesses worldwide.

Consumers appear to be very open to the idea of communicating with businesses via text message, despite businesses being slow to adopt SMS marketing. Nearly 50 million customers have already chosen to receive text messages from brands and businesses with which they have engaged, and this number is anticipated to keep rising.

3. Customers respond to brand messages in 45% of cases.

(Referring to Slick Text)

If you include your company name in your messages, nearly 50% of potential clients will reply. Typically, corporate or business texts are about 11 characters long and are sent in bulk by brands.

Potential customers can distinguish spam more easily with your company name in the subject line. This is a surefire way to get people to feel comfortable enough to open them and reply to you, as opposed to using unknown numbers.

4.49.1% claimed that special offers or promotions would encourage them to consent to receive texts from companies.

It’s crucial to obtain their consent before texting customers. It might be simpler than you think to get people to sign up for your texting service, though.

Offers and promotions, according to 48.1% of respondents, would encourage them to opt-in to business texts. Giving your customers a coupon or discount could, therefore, be all it takes to start building your SMS contact list.

5. The majority of people—nearly 50%—are most likely to consent to receive text messages from e-commerce and retail companies.

It is highly recommended that you give SMS marketing some thought if you operate an online store or physical store. According to a study by Simple Texting, 45.5% of people are most likely to consent to text messages from retail and e-commerce companies.

The majority of respondents chose to respond in this way. People were also interested in receiving texts from businesses in the banking and finance sector and the healthcare sector.

What You Should Know About These SMS Marketing Statistics

  • Due to the increasing use of smartphones and feature phones in daily life, SMS marketing is flourishing.
  • SMS is valued more highly by customers than other messaging formats. SMS messages reliably reach their intended recipients and are very likely to be read.
  • Compared to alternative channels like MMS messaging, SMS marketing is less expensive.
  • Despite their widespread use, not everyone owns a smartphone. SMS can therefore instantly broaden your business’s reach because it can be received by all mobile phones.
  • Because SMS is an older technology, it is frequently disregarded in favour of newer messaging formats. However, sending an SMS message is a great way to increase sales, increase awareness, or express gratitude to a customer.

Use Automation Software to its Full Potential for SMS Campaigns

SMS marketing isn’t just something of the future; it already exists. Your brand runs the risk of falling behind and failing to benefit from the greater reach and higher engagement rates that come with catering to mobile devices if SMS is not a key component of your marketing strategy.

Are SMS and email currently being used by your company as part of a larger strategy? Do you require assistance with engagement boosting, automation, or creation?

With our advice on email and SMS best practices, Guni can assist you with your campaigns so that your next one is a success.

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