15 Tips To Know How To Light A Small Bathroom

Although small bathrooms seem easier to light and decorate, the truth is that having less space available, requires more attention; any mistake could cause us to have a dark and poorly distributed bathroom. Here we tell you how to illuminate a bathroom of small dimensions:

How to organize a small bathroom

Don’t block natural light

If you have a window in your bathroom, you should avoid obstructing it with objects; Ideally, you should leave it completely clear. This will serve as support for artificial light during the day.

Avoid filling the bathroom with unnecessary objects

When you have a small bathroom, it’s wise to take a minimalist attitude (ie less is more ). It is best to avoid placing unnecessary objects in the bathroom (especially if they are decorative). 

This will not only allow you to make better use of the available space, but it will also help you to have more areas to place artificial lighting. For example, if you avoid hanging decorations, you will have more space to install a light on the wall in case you need it.

15 tips to improve the lighting in your small bathroom 

1. Prefer transparent shower doors.

If you’ve wondered how to properly light a small bathroom, you’ve probably overlooked the importance of transparent shower doors. Many ignore this element, but it is undoubtedly a key aspect: translucent doors help light permeate the room and spread throughout the area. 

2. Use two lighting sources: one main and one secondary 

Bathroom lighting (whether large or small) requires two bulbs: the main bulb is responsible for illuminating the entire bathroom, while the second one is intended to back up the main one. This is usually placed on mirrors and sinks, as these are busy and heavily used areas that require a little more

3. Light up the mirrors

In relation to the previous point, when you have small bathrooms it is absolutely necessary to illuminate the mirrors. In this way, the room acquires a more modern and refreshing look; In addition, good light in the mirror helps the bathroom look more spacious.

4. Help yourself with recessed spotlights

Recessed spotlights are a trend that never goes out of style: they are economical and discreet options that will allow you to illuminate your bathroom according to your needs.

5. If you have natural light, take advantage of it

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a window in the bathroom; If this is your case, make the most of it. In any case, do not neglect the use of artificial light, because you will still need it at night.

6. Windowless Bathroom Solution: Use Mirrors!

In case of not having natural light, what you can do is place large mirrors in the bathroom (avoiding excesses, because we do not want to overload the room). These capture artificial light and spread it across the area. 

7. Choose your bulbs carefully

Before you start lighting your bathroom, you need to know the light bulb options. This will allow you to select those that best suit what you need and will prevent you from having to replace them with another option in the future.

For example, there are halogen bulbs, which are characterized by their sharpness and whiteness. They are ideal to place on top of mirrors. You also have low-consumption light bulbs, which allow you to save energy and last much longer. 

8. Prefer light colors

If you want your bathroom to look spacious and modern, you should fall in love with light colors (especially white). For example, if you choose white or cream-colored walls, the lights in the bathroom will reflect off these colors and better illuminate the space.

9. Put light bulbs under the furniture

A new trend in bathroom lighting is to place recessed spotlights or discreet tubes in the lower part of the vanity units. This is a risky and different way of lighting the area; an ideal option for the most creative people.

10. Avoid shadows on the vanity

We have already talked about the importance of lighting the sink or dressing table, however, you should not forget that if the main lights are not placed properly, shadows can be generated that prevent proper visibility in that area. That is why the light sources should always come from the sides or from the top of the mirror; never from the opposite side of the dressing table.

11. Choose bulbs that are moisture resistant

Currently, there are LED lights designed to withstand the humidity of bathrooms. Whether it is a small or large bathroom, it is important that you pay attention to these details when purchasing light bulbs. This guarantees you greater durability.

12. What to choose: warm or cold lights

In general, for small bathrooms, warm lights are usually chosen. However, this is not a rule: today these lights are combined with cold light bulbs. For example, it is usual to find a warm light as the main focus and cold light for the sink.

13. Dare to play with the colors of light

If you like changes, you can try a new trend known as chromotherapy: it is about choosing colored lights that suit the emotion you want to feel. 

For example, blue lights favor concentration and tranquility, while green lights invite stability. You can buy some colored LED lights and place them in the shower area; that way you can practice color therapy.

14. Choose small models

Whether they are modern lamps or recessed LED spotlights, it is important that the models you choose have a reasonable size. Remember that the idea is that the small bathroom looks larger from the light; if you install very large copies, the space may look smaller.

15. Correct lighting makes us happier

The positive effects that light has on human beings have already been proven. For this reason, remember that lighting is a fundamental part of every home, so you must select the models and colors that make you feel comfortable and happy in your bathroom. 

A small bathroom can make us just as happy as a much more spacious bathroom; the secret is to illuminate it properly and to carefully choose our lighting sources.

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